Before you have ANY mold inspection or remediation work done,
CHECK for a valid mold assessor license at the New York State Dept of Labor

Mold Headquarters

Mold Headquarters is a full service mold assessment and remediation company. We are licensed and specialize in all types of mold issues in residential and business environments. If you’ve had a water problem or suspect mold call us immediately – (631) 630-6500

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Mold Licensing Requirements Now in Effect

Beginning on January 1, 2016, any personnel who perform mold inspection, assessment or remediation work within New York State must be licensed by the New York State Department of Labor.

The new regulations include the following;

  • Mold assessments to include
    • Visual inspection
    • Air sampling
    • Humidity sampling
  • Written mold remediation plan that covers;
    • Rooms or areas where the work will be performed
    • Estimation of materials to be cleaned or removed
    • Methods used for each type of remediation
    • Posting and notification of building occupants
    • Estimate of project cost and time
  • Minimum working conditions for mold remediation
    • Including prohibiting assessment plans and remediation by the same person
  • Clearance assessment stating;
    • Work area is free from visible mold
    • All work has been completed according to the remediation plan
    • Remediation work was completed as quickly as possible to ensure a healthy environment
  • Contractors will not be allowed to advertise or perform covered work without the required license, with limited exceptions such as home or business owners performing work on their own properties


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