Helpful Mold Tips

Bathroom mold tip

Bathrooms are often mold problem areas. Try running the fan or opening a window after a shower or bath. Also, cleaning more often will help prevent mold from getting started.

Prevent mold spreading

If you detect mold growing in your home or business, make sure you turn off any air conditioning systems in the building to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas. Then call a licensed mold inspector immediately!

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Prevent mold tip

Decrease the opportunities for mold to grow by preventing condensation on cold surfaces (such as windows, floors and pipes) by adding insulation.

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Full Transcription

Hello, my name is Dr. Troy Giles. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about how to treat mold and mold issues, not only in the body, but at your home as well. When you see black mold, if you do any kind of work with it yourself, make sure that you’ve got on a significant respirator or something that’s going to keep you from inhaling mold spores. Mold can be a real issue and cause a lot of toxin. Within the body mold or fungus or any of those type of issues will create what’s called a mycotoxin. Mycotoxin is very toxic to the nerves, very toxic to tissues and overall. So we want to help you to get rid of fungals, fungus, mold, anything that’s in the system, but if it’s in your home, you can smell it generally, a moldy home. It can be underneath the carpet, in the walls. It can be in the air ducts. So I would encourage you to get your air ducts cleaned, especially if you’re in the South where the South, or in the East at all where it’s really humid mold is going to grow very easy. But make sure that you’ve got a good respirator on. It’s easily killed with chlorine and those kinds of things, bleaches, soaps, so forth. So, you know, wipe it down, but make sure you’ve got on, you know, gloves for your hands and a good respirator that your not going to breathe in the spores. Inside your system, fungus or mold is very common. You can get it in to the sinuses, down in to the chest, mold in to the chest, or fungal into the chest is very difficult to get rid of, but it can be done through supplementation. Something we use is called Fung-EX and that’s a good, very effective anti-fungal, anti mold. I’m working on a patient right now who literally, with all of the toxins and things that she had received from living in a moldy home, we started working with her about two and a half weeks ago and she’s now significantly better. Her symptoms were she had foggy head, couldn’t focus and keep her mind on an issue. She would just be all over the place. I just said “hey, over here, keep looking at me.” She was explaining how she was feeling. We’ve been working with Fung-EX, with the Tox-EX. Tox-EX helps to pull toxins out of the system. We’ve also been using the Infrared Sauna and a foot bath with a lymph star pro that helps open up the lymphatics and really getting rid of those of that issue. But’s it’s amazing how well she’s been doing in just these two and a half weeks. She’s just extremely amazed. But what fungus looks like in the gut, here’s this kind of depiction. This is fungus here. Normally yeast grows in our guts, but as we take antibiotic therapy, it will clear all the good bacteria. Without the good bacteria present in the gut, the good bacteria usually feed the yeast vitamin B. As long as their being fed vitamin B, they’ll stay as yeast, which is normal. We have it in our guts. But as a proliferates, because it’s not being fed, it will proliferate and create these pseudopods. These are little arms that will penetrate down into the system. That will draw toxins or draw nutrients from the body and this can proliferate through the whole system and now you’re not absorbing nutrients, because that goo, that biofilm, that we call it, is all over the whole system and we’re unable to really absorb our nutrients the way that we should. So it’s really important to get rid of that. So that would be considered a mold or a fungus inside the system. Fungal toes are very common as well, get them underneath your fingernails or under the toenails. I would go after those toenails with a dremel tool, one that you’ve worked with or you’ve sterilized the tips on it. You can burr off the heavy thickened nail. Then we have a supplement called WO oil. It’s from systemic formulas, very, very effective. This is an oil that you can put, once you’ve taken the toenail down to where it’s to the quick, down to where it’s starting to be pink, then you put the WO oil on that and it will kill the toenail fungus very effectively. So you don’t have to worry about Lamisil, or I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s one for toenail fungus where you actually have to take and check your liver enzymes because it can kill your liver. That’s amazing to me. I’d rather put up with big toe, you know, thickened toenails than liver damage, or liver disease. But fungus is a big deal. Mold is a big deal. Just smell, if you can smell it, try to change apartments. If it’s in your house, find out where it is. Have somebody come in and inspect and clean it up. Put a dehumidifier. Here in the West we use humidifiers in the winter and back East, apparently you use dehumidifiers, excuse me, dehumidifiers that actually draw the humidity out of your, out of your house. I have a humidifier on my heater, because it’s so dry here. So anyway, I hope that’s been beneficial for you. As well, once you get rid of the fungus, then we have to reestablish a good bacteria in the gut as well. I hope that’s been beneficial for you. Have a great weekend.