Mold Remediation

Mold Headquarters will produce a Remediation Work Plan that includes the following;

  • Construct a physical barrier to contain the infected area
  • Seal off all HVAC return grills
  • Capture airborne contaminants with Air Scrubber
  • Remove all contaminated insulation and sheetrock at least two feet beyond the infected area
  • Remove carpeting and padding in the infected area
  • Remove any infected wood, such as doors, cabinets, etc
  • Brush or sand all exposed areas showing signs of mold
  • Use a sealed system vacuum on all exposed surfaces at least twice
  • Treat infected wood areas with a mold and mildew proof sealer
  • Take samples to test for successful remediation

EPA approved Air Scrubber

If you see any signs of possible mold growth in your home or business,
contact the mold professionals at Mold Headquarters immediately
for a full inspection by a NYS licensed Mold Inspector.

Had mold in the house because of an undiscovered water leak. Called mold headquarters and they were here the next day. We had an assessment plan in another day. The cleanup was completed and we’ve been mold free since. A very professional job all around!