What to do If I find mold according to the NYS Dept of Labor FAQs:

  1. If the total mold affected area is more than 10 square feet or if you have sensitivity towards mold, hire a professional for assessment and remediation
  2. Biocide is not recommended as a routine cleanup for mold as it may cause sensitivity in some people. Ventilate the room if a biocide is used. Observe and follow the manufacturer’s labeling instructions
  3. Throw out items that are extensively damaged by mold. Wrap and seal in a plastic bag prior to disposal
  4. Do not mix ammonia and bleach for cleaning as this could release toxic fumes
  5. Do not paint or caulk over moldy surfaces
  6. Do not leave any areas of dry mold remain after cleaning since this could still cause allergic reactions in some people

Mold can begin to develop and grow on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours and reproduce through tiny airborne spores.

It’s best to contact the experienced, licensed Mold Assessor from Mold Headquarters (631-631-6500) at the first sign of trouble.